Make Life More Affordable

You don’t have to spend the full amount upfront, PayItMonthly’s simple payment plans can help you spread the cost and make life more affordable.

No Interest. No Worries.

You don’t have to miss out on the things that you care about. Spread the cost of purchases easily and without paying a single penny in interest, no surprises, no fees.

Simple Application. Instant Decision.

If you believe financing is right for you, our friendly sales team will happily make an application for you over the phone.

After sharing some details, we will apply on your behalf to our finance partner, who will then perform a credit check and give us an instant decision.

Simply press the button below, or get in touch to discuss your options with one of our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Credit Checked?

In most instances, yes, a credit check will be performed.

Can I Change My Payment Date?

Yes, just give us a call and we can move it to a more convenient date for you.

Can I Make Extra Payments, Or Settle My Balance Early?

Yes. You can call up and make extra payments or increase your payments as and when you want to.

There is no penalty for making over-payments, so there is no need to worry about being charged for doing so.

What ID / Proof Of Address Do I Need To Supply?

Types of ID you could supply would be something that proves your identity, this would usually be photo ID, for example; a drivers licence. We would also accept a bank card or birth certificate on occasion if necessary. 

Proof of Address you are able to supply would be any headed letters you receive with your address on, for example, bank statements or a utility bill. 

Who Are PayItMonthly?

PayItMonthly offers interest-free credit to help you spread the cost of your purchase.

How it works:

If you want to spread the cost of your purchase, you can simply fill out the online application form. It takes just a few minutes and the decision will be made no later than by the next working day.

You can spread the cost over a maximum of 12 monthly instalments. There are no fees and there is no interest applied. It is as simple as that!

Things you may need and our criteria:

You might need to provide some additional information to support your application. This may include:

Photo IDProof of Address

To be eligible for a PayItMonthly Agreement you must be between 18 and 80 years of age and a UK resident.

You will be required to pay a deposit to Akar Furniture.

Who are PayItMonthly?

Founded in August 2015 with a vision to help retailers offer their customers an easy way to spread the cost, the company has gone from strength to strength and have helped countless people to PayItMonthly rather than have to pay for their purchase in one lump sum.

Their friendly and reliable team are always on hand to talk you through any questions you might have. They are rated 5 stars on Trustpilot by our customers due to their excellent team and great service.

Can I Learn More About PayItMonthly?

Yes, you can find out more about our finance partner on their website.