Our Story

Back in 2018 we noticed a huge problem in the furniture industry. Long lead times, low-quality, mass-produced, and flat packed furniture were  becoming the norm.

Families looking to make an investment into their home were left waiting months for deliveries, paired with poor communication and a lack of clarity from heartless retailers.

We knew we could do better.

Now, Akar Furniture is one of Britain’s leading online homestores, providing luxury, hand-crafted, British furniture at affordable prices.

Our Mission

Luxury products, luxury service, affordable prices.

Valued by our many happy customers for our unforgiving attention to detail, our dedication to providing luxury, designer-quality furniture at affordable prices and our 'above and beyond' approach to customer service, we have proved our worth and are now looking to re-shape the furniture industry.

Furniture retailers should not just provide a product, but a service.

Experts in our field, we believe we should be lending our knowledge to improve the service we provide.

Which is why, unlike our competitors, we don't just have a sales team. We have a team of fully qualified interior designers at hand, as well as dedicated customer care specialists to be your point of contact, at your disposal long after your purchase.

Our aim is not simply to sell as many products as we can, but to  provide a luxury service that ensures your investment into your home is the right one, holding your hand every step of the way.

Value Over Profit

We focus on providing the most value for our customers, rather than making the most profit.

If one were to purchase furniture from a standard retailer, one would expect to find flat-packed, mass-manufactured, and low-quality furniture to be the norm. Luxury furniture: furniture that is handmade and of higher quality, is typically sold at a much higher price.

This is because businesses currently dealing in luxury furniture are either bloated with higher-than-expected levels of expenses for a modern business or have extremely greedy profit margins due to the lack of competition.

Akar Furniture procures luxury, handcrafted furniture, and sells it cheaper than other luxury furniture retailers, while still turning a small profit by keeping costs low.

No other luxury furniture retailer in the UK can sell products that match the aesthetic, quality and price of our furniture.

Our Services

Furniture Sales

We are passionate about connecting some of the finest furniture craftsmen and designers around the world, with our ever growing customer base.

Often when buying luxury furniture you have to pay exorbitant prices, expect dauntingly long waiting times, and deal with poor customer service. Leaving you feeling out of the loop and neglected as soon as you hand over your money.

We are here to change that.

Akar Furniture provide the best quailty furniture, coupled with unparralleled service, all at an affordable price point.

There is no need to compromise.

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Interior Design

We believe when buying furniture you should not just be buying products, but a service.

Akar Furniture have invested heavily into developing our own in-house team of talented, fully qualified interior designers; avalaible around the clock not just to our team, but to our customers.

The interior design team handle a variety of roles in our company, from offering free initial consultations to potential customers, to calling every customer who places an order to discuss custom requirements.

Just give us a call or send us a message and ask to to be put through to a friendly interior design team member who will happily answer any questions you may have.

We also offer a fully fledged interior design consultation, including a home visit, design mockups, as well as a white glove delivery and assembly service.

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Commercial Furniture

At Akar Furniture we also cater to an extensive body of commercial clientele.

From hotel owners looking to spruce up their lobbies, to real estate investors furnishing their properties, at Akar Furniture, there is no project too big or small.

Our fully bespoke service includes everything; from design and selection to installation.

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